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Interspill 2015

Ateliers scientifiques organisés par le Cedre, 24-26 mars 2015, Amsterdam

Dispersant Breakthrough (SW1)

Chemical dispersion of oil in arctic areas, deep sea and tropical areas (mangroves). Toxicity, degradation  

Summary: application/pdf SW1-Summary.pdf
Speaker biographies : application/pdf SW1-Biographies.pdf


Dispersants: A Brief Overview
Presentation by Tom Coolbaugh, Distinguished Scientific Associate, ExxonMobil
application/pdf SW1-01-T Coolbaugh.pdf

Potential and limitations in use of dispersants under various oil spill conditions
Presentation by Per Daling, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF
application/pdf SW1-02-P Daling.pdf

Decision making of the use of dispersant "How to decide"
Presentation by François Merlin, Head of R&D, Cedre
application/pdf SW1-03-F Merlin.pdf

text : application/pdf SW1-03-F Merlin text.pdf


Bioremediation (SW2)

Principle and limitations, efficiency improvement techniques, characterisation of residues, … 

Summary: application/pdf SW2-Summary.pdf
Speaker biographies : application/pdf SW2-Biographies.pdf


Bioremediation: Nature’s way or a Green Technology to combat marine oil spills?
Presentation by Nicolas Kalogerakis, Kill Spill Project Lead, Technical University of Crete
application/pdf SW2-01-N Kalogerakis.pdf

Bioremediation of oil contaminated environment
Presentation by Ronan Jézéquel, Cedre
application/pdf SW2-02-R Jezequel.pdf

New approaches for improved use of bioremediation strategies
Presentation by Svein Ramstad, Senior Scientist, SINTEF
application/pdf SW2-03-S Ramstad.pdf


HNS Pollution (SW3)

General context of accidental pollutions by HNS, pollutant behaviour, detection and classification of pollutions.

Summary: application/pdf SW3-Summary.pdf
Speaker biographies : application/pdf SW3-Biographies.pdf


HNS Pollution Setting the Scene
Presentation by Thomas Höfer, Head of Unit Transport of Dangerous Goods Department Exposure, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
application/pdf SW3-01-T Hoefer.pdf

text : application/pdf SW3-01-T Hoefer text.pdf

Fate of a product at sea Experimental inputs
Presentation by Stéphane Le Floch, Research Development Manager, Cedre
application/pdf SW3-02-S Le Floch.pdf

A Canadian Approach To HNS Marine Pollution
Presentation by André Laflamme, Senior Advisor – Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS), Transport Canada
application/pdf SW3-03-A Laflamme.pdf


Spill Impact Assessment (SW4)

New developments on assessement of the impact of pollution on living resources, global approach.

Summary: application/pdf SW4-Summary.pdf
Speaker biographies : application/pdf SW4-Biographies.pdf


Impact assessment: A new Approach? the implementation of the notion of animal health
Presentation by Guy Claireaux, Leader of Fish Health Project, Brest University
application/pdf SW4-01-G Claireaux S Le Floch.pdf

Are we Prepared for Post -spill Monitoring?
Presentation by Mark Kirby, PREMIAM's Project Co-ordinator, CEFAS
application/pdf SW4-02-M Kirby.pdf

Spill impact assessment – going from more traditional to innovative solutions. Arising challenges for the Arctic
Presentation by Thierry Baussant, Chief Scientist - Marine Environment, IRIS NO
application/pdf SW4-03 T Baussant.pdf



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