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Interspill 2012

Ateliers scientifiques organisés par le Cedre, 13-15 mars 2012, Londres

Understanding Oil Weathering (SW1)

Speaker biographies
application/pdf SW1 biographies - Oil weathering.pdf
Workshop summary
application/pdf SW1 summary - Oil weathering.pdf


Modeling and mesoscale trials,forecasting results,confrontation with reality. 
Presentation by William (Bill) Lehr, NOAA
application/pdf SW1-1-B Lehr-NOAA.pdf

SINTEFs Oil Weathering Model. 
Presentation by Per Johan Brandvik, SINTEF
application/pdf SW1-2-P J Brandvik-SINTEF OWM.pdf

Pilot scale experiments and sample representativeness.
Presentation by Julien Guyomarch, Cedre
application/pdf SW1-3-J Guyomarch-Cedre.pdf


Understanding Chemicals (SW2)

Speaker biographies
application/pdf SW2 biographies - Chemicals.pdf
Workshop summary
application/pdf SW2 summary - Chemicals.pdf


Perception and Context.
Presentation by Kevin Colcomb, UK MCA
application/pdf SW2-1-K Colcomb-UK MCA.pdf

Understanding chemicals.
Presentation by Stéphane Le Floch, Cedre
application/pdf SW2-2-S Le Floch-Cedre.pdf

Evaluating Spill Consequences – Use of Modeling. 
Presentation by Deborah French-McCay, RPS-ASA
application/pdf SW2-3-D French McCay-RPS-ASA.pdf

Spill hazard evaluation for chemicals shipped in bulk using modeling.
Paper by Deborah French-McCay, RPS-ASA
application/pdf SW2 paper - FrMcCay et al-EMS2006.pdf


Oil Spill Drift Modeling (SW3)

Speaker biographies
application/pdf SW3 biographies - Drift modeling.pdf
Workshop summary
application/pdf SW3 summary - Drift modeling.pdf


In the XXI century: the data deluge and the uncertainty quantification challenge.
Presentation by Nadia Pinardi, University of Bologna
application/pdf SW3-1-N Pinardi-My Ocean.pdf

Research activities to improve an operational oil drift system.
Presentation by Lars R Hole, met.no
application/pdf SW3-2-L R Hole-met no.pdf

Constraints on Today’s oil spill models (based on Belgian's experience).
Presentation by Valérie Dulière, MUMM
application/pdf SW3-3-V Duliere- MUMM.pdf


Spill Detection and Tracking (SW4)

Speaker biographies
application/pdf SW4 biographies - Detection and tracking.pdf
Workshop summary
application/pdf SW4 summary - Detection and tracking.pdf


A triangular problem: law, operation, research.
Presentation by Guido Ferraro, JRC
application/pdf SW4-1-G Ferraro-JRC.pdf

Oil spill detection from space and tracking of spills and potential polluters.
Presentation by Olaf Trieschmann, EMSA
application/pdf SW4-2-O Trieschmann-EMSA.pdf

Oil spill detection and classification from aircraft.
Presentation by Nils Robbe, Optimare Sensorsysteme GmbH & Co. KG
application/pdf SW4-3-N Robbe-Optimare.pdf


Spill Management Systems (SW5)

Speaker biographies
application/pdf SW5 biographies - Management systems.pdf
Workshop summary
application/pdf SW5 summary - Management systems.pdf


Spill management systems.
Presentation by Bernard Tramier, French academy of technology
application/pdf SW5-1-B Tramier-Fr Tech Academy.pdf

Major Lessons Learned during Deepwater Horizon.
Presentation by Robert G Pond, USCG
application/pdf SW5-2-R Pond-USCG.pdf

ARGEPOL -Management of operational information (response to HNS, inert and oil spills).
Presentation by Vincent Gouriou, Cedre
application/pdf SW5-3-V Gouriou-Cedre.pdf

The Argomarine Project: a low cost platform to integrate data and the exploratory use of new tools in monitoring oil spill.
Presentation by Guido Ferraro, JRC, on behalf of Argomarine project
application/pdf SW5-4-G Ferraro-Argomarine.pdf

The Argomarine Project: a low cost platform to integrate data and the exploratory use of new tools in monitoring oil spill.
Paper by Guido Ferraro, JRC, on behalf of Argomarine project
application/pdf SW5 paper - Argomarine.pdf


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