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As a French State-approved association with a public service mission, Cedre has is governed by executive bodies comprising representatives of State administrations, local authorities, public research establishments and private stakeholders.

Board of Governors

Cedre is led by a Board of Governors composed of three groups:

  • ex officio members representing the State,
  • ex officio members representing public or professional organisations,
  • elected members.

This board is chaired by François Cuillandre, President of Brest Métropole.

Cedre's Board of Governors application/pdf Download (248.10 kB)


Strategy Committee

Cedre's scientific and technical priorities are determined by a Strategy Committee. This body comprises

  • members of the Board of Governors,
  • public and private structures involved in the issue of accidental water pollution.

The Strategy Committee is chaired by Patricia Mani, Group VP Crisis Management and Environmental & Societal Expertise at Total SA.

Cedre's Strategy Committee application/pdf Download (177.07 kB)



Almost 40% of Cedre's funding is provided by a State subsidy managed by the French Ministry of Ecology. This grant is earmarked to cover our activities within the scope of our public service mission. The remaining 60% comes from agreements and contracts with:

  • French public organisations: State, administrations, local authorities, public establishments,
  • the European Union,
  • French and foreign private businesses: industrial companies and professional bodies.
Last update: 17/07/2017