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Sea Star

Sea Star
Date de l'accident
United Arab Emirates
Zone du naufrage
Persian Gulf (Gulf of Oman)
Zone du déversement
Cause de l'accident
Nature polluant
Indonesian crude oil
Type de navire / structure
Tirant d'eau
South Korean

On 19 December 1972, the Sea Star was transporting a cargo of crude oil from Saudi Arabia to Rio de Janeiro.

In the Gulf of Oman, the ship collided with the Brazilian vessel Horta Barbosa. The hull of the Sea Star cracked open, releasing its entire cargo of crude oil.

The vessel went on fire and exploded. Twelve crew members died in the accident. The survivors and crew of the Brazilian vessel were rescued by the Amoco Baltimore and a Norwegian vessel present on site.

The fire spread to the Horta Barbosa but was quickly brought under control. This vessel was towed away on the same day. The Sea Star continued to burn. A series of explosions occurred until the ship finally sank on the morning of 24 December.

No response actions are known to have been implemented. The Horta Barbosa was repaired in Hamburg and took up service again in November 1973.


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