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MGM 3030

MGM 3030
Accident date
Accident area
Chocolate Bayou, Texas
Spill area
Cause of spill
Quantity transported
1,572 m³
Nature of pollutant
Sulphuric acid
Quantity spilled
1,300 m³
Ship / structure type

On 15th August 2005, the barge MGM 3030 containing 1,572 m3 of sulphuric acid grounded in Chocolate Bayou, a river flowing through marshland in Texas. Measurements of the pH taken around the grounded barge indicated the presence of sulphuric acid in the water: around 1,300 m3 of acid was spilt into the estuary.

On 19th August, the acid and water mixture remaining within the barge was pumped out of the tanks.

The barge was transported to Gavelston for temporary repairs. It was then taken to a facility near Houston to be cleaned.

This bay is an important and sensitive natural reserve, however the impact of the spill was ultimately minor.


- Oil spill intelligence report vol.28 n°35, 25 August 2005
- Incident news

Last update on 01/11/2006

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