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Marine litter (2019)

Cedre Information Day, 5th March 2019, Paris, La défense

The 2019 Cedre Information Day will address public and industry policies (notably under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the OSPAR Convention) on reducing litter in the marine environment as well as the contribution of the circular economy. Examples of actions implemented will also be presented: litter monitoring networks for the different compartments of the marine environment and European research projects intended to improve knowledge about litter and its effects.





SESSION 1:  State of knowledge and response / Chaired by Direction de l’Eau et de la Biodiversité


Ocean pollution by marine litter - François Galgani, Ifremer

The international response: the example of the OSPAR Convention - Pedro Sepulveda, OSPAR

France’s response to aquatic litter - Bénédicte Jeannot, Direction de l’Eau et de la Biodiversité/Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire

France's upstream policy: the circular economy - DGPR /Ministère Transition écologique et solidaire

The industry response: the example of plasturgy - Plastics Europe


SESSION 2: Monitoring and research / Chaired by Patricia Mani, Présidente du Comité stratégique du Cedre


Beach litter monitoring - Loïc Kerambrun, Cedre

Marine litter (surface and depths): monitoring and impact indicators - François Galgani, Ifremer


Interreg AA CleanAtlantic project - Marisa FERNANDEZ, CETMAR - Espagne


Interreg AA OceanWise project - Sandra MOUTINHO, DGPM - Portugal


Marine litter research at Cedre - Camille Lacroix, Cedre

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