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Accident date
Accident area
Humber estuary
Spill area
Inland waters
Cause of spill
Quantity transported
190,000 tonnes
Nature of pollutant
Nigerian light crude oil
Quantity spilled
6,000 tonnes
Ship / structure type
Oil tanker
Built date
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Nagasaki
326 m
48.77 m
National Iranian Tanker Co.

On 28 September 1983, the Iranian tanker the Sivand rammed into a jetty at the Immingham oil terminal in the Humber estuary. Tanks ruptured and more than 6,000 tonnes of Nigerian light crude oil spilled in the estuary. The oil slick caused a significant amount of pollution on the shoreline.


The Marine Pollution Control Unit (MPCU) of the Department of Transport was immediately contacted by the Coast Guards. 6 tugs and 4 aircraft were sent on site to spray dispersants. The vessel spraying operation started on the morning of the incident. The aircraft could only be used in the afternoon because of the meteorological conditions. The spraying operations ended on 30 September.
 In the meantime, skimmers were used to recover oil from the estuary. Beaches were cleaned with front end loaders and shovels. Booms were deployed at Immigham between the docks, and oil was recovered using skimmers. On 2nd October, a helicopter deployed booms to protect the creek in the Blacktoft Sands Nature Reserve.
 Response operations ended on 11 October.

Impact and compensation

The oil slick seriously damaged the estuary. This area was of particular scientific interest and an large number of birds used to live there. At least 4,000 of them were oiled. The shoreline, mudflats and saltmarshes were also impacted. Some oiled fishing nets were also found.
 Total costs for cleaning operation amounted to $300,000 (246,300 euros).


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