Last update on 12/03/2015

Physico-chemical behaviour of chemicals when they spilled at sea and identification of a biomarker-based approach for this purpose / Emina Mamaca


Thesis jointly supervised by the University of Western Brittany. PhD jointly supervised by: Pierre LE CORRE, University of Western Brittany

Committee: Roger KANTIN, Michel WARTEL, Philippe GIAMARCHI, Michel GIRIN, Pierre Le CORRE, Ricardo RISO, Hélène THOMAS-GUYON


Abstract:  Large volumes of chemicals are produced each year. Shipment of these chemicals by boats and barge transiting along coastal marine route are numerous. Recent examples of chemical spiils as Fiwa Maru (2002) sinking with 5000 T of xylène from 20 nm of Tokyo and less far from our coastline the levoli Sun (2000) which sank and release 1000 T of styren has raised concern about the general lack of information of the fate of chemicals at sea. The goal of this study is to characterize the behaviour of some selected chemicals at sea in order to evaluate the cinetic of natural dispersion, emulsification and evaporation. This study is done in three scale in laboratory with a new methodologie created for this purpose, in a pilot scale (in Brest Harbour) and in open sea. In order to complete this physico chemical study, a biological test was also performed to evaluate the impact of chemicals on mussels (mytilus edulis), the lysosomal membrane stability is assessed by the NRRT assay.


Bibliographical reference: http://doc.cedre.fr/index.php?lvl=notice_display&id=4185

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