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HAZRUNOFF, 2018-2019

Integration of sensing and modelling technologies for early detection and follow-up of hazmat and flood hazards in transitional and coastal waters








including €483K from the European Commission


European Commission



IST at the University of Lisbon (Portugal)

Bentley Systems, formerly Action Modulers (Portugal)

Cedre (France)

CETMAR (Spain)

Municipality of Loures (Portugal)

Department of Health & Social Care (United Kingdom)

EOMAP (Germany)

The HAZRUNOFF project aims to improve preparedness and the response capacity in case of flood conditions and pollution in rivers and estuaries, in particular through the use of new detection tools (drone, remote sensing) combined with the development of behaviour models in order to identify the risks and reduce alert and response times. Four pilot areas have been selected to test the tools developed.

This project draws together scientific and operational partners from 5 countries:

  • modellers from the IST's mechanical engineering department (MARETEC) and nuclear technology department (CTN) as well as the company Bentley Systems and representatives of the municipality of Loures, bordering the Tage estuary, for Portugal;
  • CETMAR for Spain;
  • representatives of the Department of Health and Social Care for the UK;
  • the German company EOMAP, specialised in satellite data processing;
  • Cedre, in charge of chemical behaviour analysis, response protocol development and training material production, for France.



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Further information

Project presentation given at the project kick-off meeting