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You will be trained by top specialists in the fields addressed.

Cedre calls upon the most competent trainers and lecturers. Certain courses are therefore entirely led by Cedre personnel, while others include external lecturers.

Cedre trainers and lecturers

Your primary contacts will be the members of Cedre’s Studies and Training team, however members of other departments will also contribute to the different sessions. 

Each lecture is thus given by a specialist in the field, who, in addition to their operational presentation, will review the current state of the art and research in progress.

When a spill occurs, Cedre is involved as a technical adviser. Our staff will present feedback from such incidents during our training courses.


External lecturers

To offer quality training content, Cedre also calls upon external lecturers. These professionals share their point of view and experience. Their participation is the opportunity to learn more about their field of work, to understand their obligations and constraints and to expand trainees' networks.

The lecturers who are regularly involved in Cedre’s training courses include:

  • the French Navy, and in particular representatives of CEPPOL (Centre of Practical Expertise in Pollution Response), of the State Action at Sea divisions and of the Navy Operational Centres
  • CEREMA (Centre For Studies and Expertise on Risks Environment, Mobility, and Urban and Country Planning), under the French Environment Ministry
  • Maritime Affairs, and in particular the Brest Vessel Safety Centre and Corsen MRCC
  • operational managers, in particular fire officers
  • French customs
  • legal experts, in particular the Allegans network
  • the shipowner organisation Armateurs de France 
  • representatives of shipping or oil companies
  • commanding officers of ships
  • journalists
  • the accident investigation bureau BEA-Mer
  • academics
  • etc.