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Response support

Cedre runs a 24-hour emergency hotline to assist response managers in the event of a spill.

To support response managers in handling a pollution incident or threat in inland or marine waters, involving oil, chemicals or any other pollutant, Cedre runs an emergency hotline available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It provides advice on the response strategies, techniques and equipment to be implemented.


Tel.: +33 2 98 33 10 10 - Fax: +33 2 98 44 91 38 -


Support from Cedre's emergency response centre

When an incident occurs, Cedre provides:

  • information on the pollutant: identification, Safety Data Sheets, characteristics, behaviour modelling, risks for humans and the environment, etc.
  • any other information required to manage the incident.

Laboratory tests and measurements using specialised experimental tools can be rapidly implemented. From our operational response centre, Cedre draws up summaries and produces maps of the affected areas. We then archive all the information gathered.


Support in the field

Upon written request from the authorities, Cedre can send one or more agents on site to assist the operational command in:

  • conducting surveys
  • contributing to incident management meetings
  • recommending actions to be taken
  • defining the resources required
  • organising clean-up sites
  • training personnel
  • monitoring clean-up and site restoration operations
  • etc.

Cedre does not supersede response managers, but rather assists them by providing decision support.

Cedre's involvement carries on well after the emergency phase, in particular with the monitoring of site restoration.

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