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Emergency experimentation

Ever since its creation, Cedre has been developing specialised tools in the field of spill response which can be mobilised in an emergency situation.

Based on samples of the product spilt, Cedre can provide information on:

  • the characteristics and physical and chemical behaviour of the product, so as to recommend the most efficient equipment to respond to the pollution.
  • the toxicity and ecotoxicity of the product to, for instance, determine the areas in which fishing and the consumption of seafood should be banned.
  • the efficiency of response equipment and products on the pollutant in question.


Cedre's facilities include a laboratory, an experimentation column, a flume tank for simulating pollutant weathering, a seawater basin (2,000 m²), a man-made beach (6,000 m²) and a greenhouse to study the contamination of living organisms.


→ Find out about all of Cedre's facilities which can be mobilised in an emergency situation in the "Our facilities" section of our website.