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Our action will depend on the incident to be handled and may consist in telephone advice, experts being sent on-site, experimentation being implemented, clean-up site monitoring, etc.

Level 1

The problem encountered is simple.

Our duty engineer will answer your questions on the characteristics of the product(s) involved, the possible risks for responders and the impact on the environment, and will provide technical advice on response actions. An expert may be sent on site if required.


Level 2

The problem encountered is complex.

After initial answers have been provided by the duty engineer over the phone, agents are mobilised on our premises. The emergency response centre is activated.

Upon request by the response managers, one or more technical advisors are rapidly sent on site. They take part in meetings, conduct surveys, propose response techniques and equipment, organise clean-up site(s), train local operators, then leave the site as soon as clean-up operations are up and running. Monitoring of clean-up operations and site restoration can be offered through regular site visits.


Level 3

The case involves major pollution.

Cedre's emergency response centre is activated for several weeks or even months. The whole team is liable to be involved.

Technical advisors take turns to be present on site to assist the authorities and response teams. In addition to the services proposed above (level 2), pilot-scale experiments can be performed.



Cedre agrees to keep confidential all information gathered during its response assignments and activities for both private and public clients.


Clean-up site in the Philippines
Clean-up site in the Philippines