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On-site assignment

To obtain a better understanding of the facilities, products, constraints and context in which the client works.

Once the project leaders are familiar with the local context and have developed a questionnaire to be used as a basis for the interviews and visits to be conducted, an initial on-site assignment is organised.

Two agents from Cedre will visit the site to:

  • complete the collection of all relevant documents
  • visit the offshore and on-shore facilities included within the scope of the plan in the presence of operation managers
  • define the spill scenarios to be considered
  • visit specialised spill response equipment stockpiles
  • meet the key people involved the response to an incident, identified by the client: employees, contractors, oil operators under a mutual assistance agreement, etc.
  • discuss the response strategies in force or worth considering in the local context.


This assignment results in a report presenting:

  • the actual schedule of the on-site assignment and the people met
  • collected and missing documents
  • the spill scenarios to be covered in the contingency plan
  • the available equipment, etc.


This report is then approved by the client, in particular as concerns the scenarios.