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Plan preparation

This second phase of the process involves identifying the strategies and actions that may be implemented in response to the issues highlighted during the first phase, then drafting an operational document.

Document drafting and delivery

An initial draft of the plan is prepared based on the prior identified elements.

In addition to presenting the different scenarios, the document also contains alert charts, emergency directories, emergency response sheets, practical response sheets, equipment lists, etc.

The plan is then sent to the client for review. Once Cedre has received the client's comments, the required changes are made to the document. The final version of the plan is delivered in electronic format (USB device or CD-ROM comprising all the documents accessible via a web-style interface) and in printed format.

Scenario resolution

Each scenario is analysed in detail by a hand-picked group of experts from Cedre's team. The plans produced therefore benefit from Cedre's long-standing experience and each option selected is debated until the best possible solution is found.


Technical equipment recommendations

In the proposed plan, Cedre also formulates technical recommendations to improve the client's level of preparedness. These recommendations focus mainly on the potential acquisition of the equipment best suited to the given context and appropriate for efficient and safe implementation of the response strategies identified in the plan. They are developed in collaboration with Cedre's spill response equipment specialists, drawing mainly on the results of trials conducted on various types of oil.


Practical datasheets

Each plan contains illustrated datasheets explaining how to implement the proposed techniques. These datasheets are adapted to suit the site, the products and the specific issues involved. Cedre also produces many publications which are available for download.

Practical datasheet
Practical datasheet