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Response centre

Cedre’s facilities include a response centre composed of a number of rooms: an operational room, a response coordination office, a secretariat and a meeting room.

The operational room is designed to manage activation of the on duty team. It gathers:

  • A large collection of documents (books, monographs, guidelines, handbooks) on international regulations, oil and HNS (nature, fate and behaviour, toxicity), public and private contingency plans, pilot books, response techniques, past incidents…
  • Access to various databases on oil and chemicals and to computerized data exchange systems
  • A large collection of maritime charts and terrestrial maps, in printed or digital format
  • Efficient transmission equipment (satellite telephone) and a powerful computer network
  • Various drift forecast and behaviour models (OILMAP, CHEMMAP, ALOHA…), access to MOTHY (French Météo-France forecasting system), Geographic Information Systems (ARGEPOL, ARCGIS) and webmapping tools.


This room also features display equipment: boards, television, video projector.


The operational room
The operational room



The adjoining meeting room also has a television, a video projector and a telephone and computer network.