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Oil: from knowledge to response

Cedre performs different types of tests on crude and refined oils. Test methods or protocols can be specially developed.

Bitumen spill
Bitumen spill

Such analytical work can be carried out in response to specific requests or as part of experimentation programmes, tests or wider studies on the physical and chemical behaviour or toxicity of products.

Cedre conducts such tests as part of routine work and scientific and technical projects, but is also one of the few laboratories able to perform such tests 24/7 in an emergency. In the event of a spill, testing can be conducted for administrative purposes for the operational authorities or for legal purposes for the Ministry of Justice.

To conduct these tests, Cedre has a laboratory featuring high-performance equipment, some of which has been specially designed for our requirements.

For over 35 years, our engineers and technicians have been developing sophisticated analytical procedures to meet the growing demand and in the field of the environment.