Product listings

Response products are recorded on the list of approved products without prejudice to the procedures prescribed in French law n°77-771 of 12.07.77 amended by law n°82-905 of 21.10.82 relating to chemical product testing and its implementing regulations.

If the data is not updated on a three-yearly basis, Cedre cannot guarantee that the product is still available for purchase and certify that it still meets the characteristics of the analysed sample.


Use of the Cedre logo

The Cedre logo can be displayed on communication documents presenting the product or equipment tested subject to:
‐ approval by Cedre of the product or equipment tested
‐ approval of the communication document (flyer, poster, etc.) by Cedre's Information Department.


Product changes

Manufacturers may change the composition or nature of the products they sell at any time. If in doubt, please contact Cedre's laboratory to request a product quality control test (rates according to current price list).