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Response products

Cedre performs laboratory tests to determine the efficiency, and in some cases the toxicity, of response products.

There are 5 main families of response products:

  • Dispersants
  • Sorbents
  • Surface washing agents
  • Demulsifiers
  • Bioremediation agents.

More marginally, we also find herding, film-forming and gelling agents.

Sorption test for universal sorbents
Sorption test for universal sorbents

These products are used in the natural environment. It is therefore logical that they should undergo tests to determine their efficiency and toxicity.

Approval procedures have been introduced in several countries across Europe and North America. These procedures are used to draw up lists of authorised or recommended products.

Our laboratory tests are carried out according to clearly defined methods for which limit values have been established. These thresholds are based on experimental conditions and do not claim to cover all aspects of use in real conditions at sea or in fresh water. They cannot gauge the legitimacy of this use, nor of its overall effects on the ecosystem. They do however help to globally determine the best products.

In France, most relevant test methods have been standardised by AFNOR (French standardisation association). These standardised methods relate to marine dispersants, sorbents and rock washing agents.

Cedre is tasked with conducting tests and providing recommendations for these types of products. Where necessary, we can be assisted by a working group composed of representatives of ministries and research organisations, to establish the applicable reference criteria and limits for the products tested.


Contact Cedre to conduct standardised or tailor-made tests on your products:
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