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Response equipment

Cedre assesses the performance of mechanical response equipment for use at sea and on land, in particular using its technical facilities (water basin, man-made beach, experimentation hall).

Given our expertise in the field of spill response equipment, Cedre is regularly called upon to test oil containmentrecovery and pumping equipment.

These trials, generally carried out at Cedre's technical facilities in Brest, France, following standard protocols, can also sometimes involve field experimentation.

Cedre is able to perform tests on oils of different viscosities, and in particular on highly viscous substances, to test the limits of use for various equipment such as:

  • skimmers and recovery devices
  • pumps and pumping systems
  • booms and containment systems
  • other types of response equipment (beach cleaning machines, annular water injection systems, separators, dispersant spraying equipment, etc.).

The tests performed aim to characterise and determine the performance of the equipment in different operating conditions.


Contact Cedre to conduct standardised or tailor-made tests on your equipment:
Tel: +33 2 98 33 10 10