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Cedre performs different types of tests and analysis work on chemical compounds in order to determine their toxicity/ecotoxicity in the environment and their degree of biodegradation.

Ecotoxicity test
Ecotoxicity test

The marketing of new industrial chemicals and their shipping possibilities require their ecotoxicity towards marine organisms to be studied. To meet this growing demand, Cedre has developed ecotoxicology tests based on the harmonised OSPAR protocols for the four following tests:

  • growth inhibition trial on marine algae (Skeletonema costatum and Phaeodactylum tricornutu)
  • determination of the acute lethal toxicity for marine copepods (Acartia sp)
  • determination of the acute toxicity of marine and estuarine sediments for amphipods (Corophium sp)
  • acute toxicity trial on fish (Scophthalmus maximus).