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In progress: POLLUPROOF, 2014-2017

Proof improvement of HNS maritime pollution by airborne radar and optical facilities








€914K (ANR)


Program ECO-TS (ECOtechnologies & EcoServices) 2013 (joint funding)


ONERA, Palaiseau

Agenium (France)

AVdef (France)

Cedre (France)

Ceppol (France)

DGDDI (France)

DRDC (Canada) 

Transport Canada (Canada)


For over 25 years, French customs have been at the forefront of spill response, in particular in terms of detection by airborne equipment. The difficulties encountered in gathering indisputable evidence together with the political issues related to environmental protection have led French customs to revive scientific dynamics in this field by building partnerships with leading laboratories.

The POLLUPROOF project (PROOF improvement of HNS maritime POLLution by airborne radar and optical facilities) aims to improve authorities' capacity to detect, locate and categorise hazardous liquid substances, excluding oil, and releases of gas and particles to help gather evidence in order to prosecute offenders while ensuring an efficient response in the case of spills.

This aim of this project is to provide model software and an HMI (Human Machine Interface), to provide proof (data and images) of chemical pollution at sea.



Project website (in French):


More information

Présentation du projet POLLUPROOF et des essais complémentaires pour l'ONERA. Détection de polluant en surface ou dans l'air :

Objectifs, contenu et principales réalisations à ce jour, Sébastien Angelliaume, ONERA.
Cedre Technical Day, 18 November 2015
Implication du Cedre et de ses moyens dans les expérimentations, Sophie Chataing-Pariaud, Cedre.
Cedre Technical Day, 18 November 2015
Corrélations, prévisions et observations de dérive, de nappes et de bouées, Stéphane le Floch, Cedre.
Cedre Technical Day, 18 November 2015


Project description (in French)
ANR (French National Research Agency) website


Bulletin d'information du Cedre, n° 33, pp. 12-16 (in French)


AMOP Paper