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Inland Waters Technical Newsletter

N° 2 from 2015 now available! 


Main oil spills worldwide

  • Collision of a tanker barge and a spill of heavy oil (Apex 3508, Kentucky, US)


Main spills of other substances worldwide

  • Tow boat accident: non-persistent spill of caustic soda (Vacherie, Louisiana, US)
  • Mines: major mine waste water spills due to retention pond ruptures
  • Spill of a soluble substance due to train derailment (BNSF Railway, Wisconsin, US)
  • Rail accident and sulphuric acid spill in watercourse (Incitec Pivot Limited, Australia)


Review of significant spills having occurred worldwide in 2015

  • Spill sources
  • Types of substances spilt
  • Events
  • Causes
Last update: 01/08/2017