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Training on OSPAR/MSFD shoreline litter monitoring

On Oléron Island

In late February, Cedre contributed to a training course on OSPAR/MSFD monitoring of litter on the shoreline for field operators (municipal agents, associations, volunteers, etc.). This course was organised as part of the Codemar project, funded by EMFF and led by LPO, and aims to coordinate knowledge and communication on marine litter.

The purpose of the course was to present the background to shoreline litter surveillance in France through the OSPAR and MSFD programmes, and to train participants in the monitoring protocol. This one-day course, held on Oléron Island, was attended by a dozen participants. Following the theory session, the participants took part in a practical workshop during which the monitoring protocol was applied. This involved collecting litter on Douhet beach and subsequently sorting and counting it based on the MSFD/OSPAR classification established by Cedre.

Last update: 09/03/2018