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OTSOPA 2018 meeting

Cedre was present

The annual meeting of the Bonn Agreement OTSOPA working group was held in Malmö, Sweden from 22nd to 24th May and was chaired by Stan Woznicki from the MCA. It was attended by 23 participants: 18 representatives of the States party to the agreement, 2 members of the secretariat, one Spanish representative (observer country), one representative of EMSA and one of DG ECHO. The attendees shared their experiences in terms of marine spill response.

Cedre presented its work to update Chapter 26 of the Bonn Agreement Counter Pollution Manual on hazardous and noxious substances and, in collaboration with the representative of Belgium, a document on research needs on these products.

Cedre's two new operational guides: on accidental water pollution by HNS (Pollutions accidentelles des eaux par des substances nocives et potentiellement dangereuses) and wildlife rehabilitation (Soins à la faune sauvage) – currently available in French – were also presented by Cedre. The next meeting is scheduled from 21st to 23rd May 2019 in the UK.

Last update: 29/05/2018