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New spill incidents in the database

In French and in English

Three new spill incidents are now available on our website. The incidents concerned are recent, they are:

  • The LNG carrier Al Oraiq collided with the cargo vessel Flinterstar off Zeebrugge (Belgium) in a very busy shipping area, at the crossroads of the North Sea traffic separation schemes and the access channels to the ports of Zeebrugge and Antwerp. it happened the 6th October 2015. The following here.
  •  The Belgian-registered marine work barge Nijptanghon 15th October 2015,was carrying out dredging work when it struck the bottom in Cherbourg roadstead, releasing an estimated 40 to 60 m3 of marine diesel into the port from a damaged fuel tank. The following here.
  •  The container ship, the TS Taipei, registered in Taiwan (Republic of China, R. O. C.), lost its power due to engine failure in the northern coastal waters influenced by the strong northeastern winter monsoon. It happened the 10th March 2016. The following here.
Last update: 03/08/2018