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Marine litter

Survey in progress, you can participate!

As part of the European CleanAtlantic project, we invite you to take part in a major survey of actions to reduce waste at sea.
The objective of the CleanAtlantic project is to provide solutions to the problem of marine litter by improving data management, monitoring, modeling, mapping, and removal in the North-East Atlantic area..
This survey will make it possible to draw up an inventory of the main initiatives, actions or measures, past and present, in the five Atlantic countries involved, i.e. Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal.
This is an opportunity for you to make your litter experience known and shared it within the European Atlantic area.
                   Participate in the survey (estimated time: about 5 minutes) by clicking on the link below:
Thank you (in advance) for your contribution.
Do not hesitate to send this information to your contacts concerned by this problem.

Last update: 09/11/2018