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Flume tank temporarily relocated

The first version of this experimentation tank was built in 1997. In 2011, the flume tank was replaced with the current model.

Ever since, it has been housed in its custom-built air-conditioned room. In early 2019, the flume tank was ousted from its usual spot to make way for an experiment set to last several months and which calls for controlled temperature conditions. See the big move in pictures.

The flume tank is designed to simulate offshore and river conditions on a pilot scale. It is able to recreate natural phenomena that influence the behaviour of pollutants liable to enter the natural environment, in order to study the behaviour of pollutants in conditions close to those found in the natural environment. The proportions of the substance (oil or chemical) which have dispersed, spread at the surface and emulsified can thus be determined. These parameters are determining factors in choosing the appropriate response equipment to be deployed in the event of a spill.

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Last update: 30/01/2019