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Final workshop for HazRunoff project

The Layman's report is available

The final workshop of the European project HazRunoff was held remotely on 27th May.

The final project outcomes were presented, in particular the online platform prototype, developed through the project, designed to collect and share data and modelling in real time for spill and/or flood management.

The modelling results, comprising a river-based model and a coastal model, were presented by IST, for the 4 pilot estuaries (the Severn in Wales, the Tage in Portugal, the Ria de Arousa in Spain and the Loire in France).

Other presentations covered the system developed to make satellite images available in near-real time for the 4 pilot sites (EOMAP), and an algorithm applied to social media in order to use them as an early warning system for floods and spills (PHE).

With a view to the enhancement of response preparedness, Cedre presented its worldwide spill data analysis for estuaries and inland waters, over a 20-year period, as well as case studies of 2 spill and flooding events.

Finally, an external partner that is a member of EMODnet (European Marine Observation and Data network) presented the content of and access to EMODnet data devoted to physical oceanographic data (temperature, salinity, wind, current, etc.)

Click here to download the Layman's report

Last update on 17/06/2020
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