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The C³ is here!

But what on earth is it???

The C³ – which stands for CounterCurrent Column – is a brand new innovative device based at Cedre designed to place a fluid particle in suspension in a liquid environment using a countercurrent. The concept was invented by the Ecole des Mines d’Alès (link) and Cedre as part of the project Blow Out 2 (link) and the device was designed and built by Ylec Consultants (link). This system is set to be used to study the dispersion and dissolution of oils, chemicals and gases, in order to characterise their fate as they rise through the water column in the event of a subsea release. This information is essential for responding as efficiently as possible to subsea spills so as to mitigate their impact on the aquatic environment.

Have a look on a video? It is here!

Last update: 05/05/2017