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Reserve September 12-14th, 2017!

Training event for response to maritime HNS incidents

Cedre is organising a workshop to test the training materials developed in the framework of the EU project MARINER which aims at enhancing response to maritime HNS incidents.

The main objectives are to present existing response protocols and equipment, teach good practice and lessons drawn from incident reviews. The course will also include the presentation of e-learning tools related to risk and impact assessment. Finally the last afternoon will give a demonstration of a free web based interactive tool that can generate maritime exercise scenarios to support preparedness.

The event is dedicated to officers likely to attend command and control units set up during an incident such as Tactical, Scientific, Technical Advisory, Environment Group sor officers who are part of the planning and response arrangements to shoreline pollution incidents.

The 3-days event will be held at Cedre and is free. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. To register, please fill in the electronic registration form (one per attendee) on the following page and send it to

Spaces on this course are limited and require approval of partners of MARINER project.

Last update: 30/06/2017