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Industry Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) annual meeting

Plymouth, 6th to 28th September

The 2017 ITAC meeting was held from 26th to 28th September at Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK). It was the opportunity to review the activities and projects in progress with committee members and partners. Several current industry issues were addressed including: spill impact minimisation, oiled wildlife rehabilitation, the development of integrated crisis management tools by various operators and the increased response capacities of industry OSROs. Response preparedness and oiled site surveys, in particular data acquisition and management techniques and tools for SCAT surveys, were also mentioned.OSRL presented an interesting review of an exercise recently carried out at sea, which was the opportunity to test a wide range of equipment for various aspects of spill response: remote detection, autonomous vehicles, SCAT, etc. Cedre presented its recent projects and those in progress, relating to oil and HNS spills, and touched on its growing involvement in the issue of litter and microplastics. One session of this broad meeting was devoted to the Torrey Canyon spill which occurred 50 years ago and whose impacts were addressed at this meeting by various scientists from different environmental and societal angles.

Last update: 12/10/2017