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GIWACAF sub-regional workshop

It was in July, from 17th to 19th

A workshop on the use of dispersants and Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA) was held in Dakar, Senegal. Cedre assisted GIWACAF at this workshop organized by the haute Autorité chargée de la Coordination, de la Sécurité maritime et de la Sûreté maritime et de la protection de l'Environnement marin (HASSMAR). A dozen African countries were represented. The objectives were multiple:

  • share best practices on the topic of dispersants
  • give insight on how NEBA could play a key role in dispersants use
  • analyse and compare the different national policies on the use of dispersants
  • provide training of relevant national competent authorities on the development and implementation of a dispersant policy fand the corresponding decision-making process
Last update: 10/08/2017