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Call for contributions!

To create a book "like no other"...

The sinking of the Amoco Cadiz off the coast of Brittany in March 1978 was one of the largest oil spills France has ever known. Ever since, the French public and private sectors have been striving to innovate in many fields such as shipping, pollutants, spill response and environmental impacts.

To mark these 40 years of change, Cedre – which was founded in the aftermath of this spill – is planning to publish a compilation of editorials, written accounts and artistic creations. Behind this book "like no other", there are two goals: to unite and to share.

If you would like to take part in this project, it couldn't be simpler!
Your contribution must be related to one of the following four themes: maritime shipping, pollutants, spill response (organisation, equipment, techniques, products, etc.) or environmental impacts.
●    Editorials and written accounts: 450 words max.
●    Artistic creations (photos, drawings, poems…): the more variety the better!

Please send your proposals to, citing the project title "Amoco Cadiz, 40 years of change", by:
●    31st October 2017 for editorials and written accounts,
●    30th November 2017 for artistic creations.

All contributions are welcome, however a selection process may be implemented according to the number of proposals received.
Please note that this book will be published in French. Proposals submitted in English will be translated into French.

Last update: 13/07/2017